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SnagIt Users Give Some Input!



SnagIt15Logo_WhiteBackgroun SnagIt is looking to beef up their Beta Testing team for a new version of SnagIt.  You can add your name into the mix over on their site.  Techsmith is a sponsor on the site, and I use SnagIt quite a bit – one of the features I was just turned on to the other day was the copy to clipboard.  Yes, this has always been there, but I never really used it at all.  What it helps for me is when in Live Messenger I can take a ‘snag’ and then just paste it into the conversation – much better than having to save an image onto my computer and then copying and pasting it into the chat window!

From their site:

Guess what? Your feedback helps to shape the future of SnagIt. Want to give your feedback and opinions about SnagIt directly to the SnagIt development team? We’re looking to grow the team of beta testers. And, you’re invited to apply! Sign up here!

What’s in it for you? You get to be apart of an elite group who help impact and test the latest and greatest SnagIt technology. And, you have direct access to the SnagIt development team. There is no pay involved, but you will have fun.

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