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So who’s getting an iPhone 4, and why?



Okay, we’ve seen the official details of the iPhone 4. So who’s in? And don’t just say “me” or “not me”. I want details, people. Black or white. 16GB or 32GB. I like X, Y, and Z. I don’t like X, Y, and Z. Your opinions may influence others. And please, can we keep the criticisms pointed and focused? (Saying “iPhone is crap” isn’t really effective, so why bother?)

I’ll start: Yes, I will be getting the iPhone 4. I already planned on upgrading this year regardless, so short of a complete design failure, my decision was mostly made beforehand. I think I’ll splurge for the 32GB model because I see that becoming the standard next year. Actually, I’m quite content with 16GB now, but looking forward, I think the storage increase will be a good idea. I made a similar decision two years ago by opting for 16GB instead of 8GB and wasn’t disappointed.

I like the new design. Never really cared for the plastic backing. Too easy to scratch. The camera and video upgrade finally raise it to the point that I won’t need to bother with a standalone camera for special occasions. I can’t say I really like the look of the white version, but I’m leaning towards that in order to clearly differentiate it from my current black 3G. It’ll probably look better to me once I customize it. Overall, it looks like a solid upgrade. Should work well for me, but I’m not raving over it.

Update: Since Xavier brought it up, I’m holding on to my old 3G as a backup and starter smartphone for my wife. Thankfully she’s not into frivolous critically important technology like I am. Also, I’ve never had problems with AT&T where I live and work.

Your turn.



  1. Xavier Lanier

    06/07/2010 at 1:13 pm

    I’ll be buying the iPhone 4 in black with 32GB. I’m upgrading from a 32GB iPhone 3GS and like the camera features primarily.
    Also, the upgrade won’t cost me much since I’m selling it to for about $270.
    I’m going to buy the white 32GB for my wife. Why in white? So we can tell the darn things apart. We did grab the wrong phone from time to time back when we had first-gen iPhones.

    I’ve long hated AT&T’s service in San Francisco, but believe it or not things are improving here in San Francisco. It’s still FAR from perfect, but I was surprised that I was getting 4 bars of 3G service the other day on our neighborhood’s ‘Main street’. I’ve seen mobile phone towers popping up on telephone poles and it seems to be too many to be T-Mobile’s. I believe AT&T is following sut, but they’re unmarked.

  2. Xavier Lanier

    06/07/2010 at 1:16 pm

    For others interested in upgrading- info and some more referenced in the comments of this article:

  3. CLC

    06/07/2010 at 1:44 pm

    I’m not getting the iPhone or any smartphone because I don’t see the need for a smartphone in my life. My main need for a phone is to talk to people; and for that, I need a phone that lasts a while on one battery charge. If these battery predictions hold true, at least, it will compare to my usual cellphone; but I still don’t need smartphone features.

    What I am drooling for is a tablet to draw directly on the screen on. If only I had the money…..

  4. Gavin Miller

    06/07/2010 at 1:50 pm

    Yep, will be trading in the 3GS. The biggie for me? That screen. I had an HTC Desire for a while and the high res screen was gorgeous to look at, in particular web pages and ebooks.

    The camera is a bonus as I use Evernote snapshots a lot, along with Abbyy business card scanner. HD Video looks nice too!

    • Xavier Lanier

      06/07/2010 at 1:52 pm

      Exactly- I think the camera upgrade’s under-appreciated. There are a lot of Apps that I use that will benefit greatly from the improved camera/flash- RedLaser, Evernote, etc. I still don’t think the pictures will be any better than what you’d capture on any devent point and shoot, but it’s a huge improvement.

  5. Gordon

    06/07/2010 at 2:06 pm

    I’ll end up getting one, because I always do. I can provide no actual reason to upgrade and my first instinct with the announcement is ‘meh”. But I know me and it won’t take too long (it’s the same reaction I had to the 3Gs and I lasted about a week). The only “reason” I could give is that I’ll give my wife my 3Gs (she has a 3G now) so she can have video, which she misses. I will get a white one in the largest capacity available.


  6. Lamar

    06/07/2010 at 2:31 pm

    I won’t… I have an iPhone 3G not seeing anything innovative about this phone, beside the screen resolution! Front Facing cam been out(wheres iChat). the A4 chips is nothing less then a modified version of Samsung Hummingbird… the OS please I’m sure it wont be that much customizable(its apples phone not yours!) no micro SD, not exchangeable battery .. Ill pass I’m going android soon as At&t get something i want to touch at the moment.. id even take the Sony X10 unlocked

  7. JeffGr

    06/07/2010 at 2:45 pm

    My wife has a 3G (not 3GS) and I’m pretty sure we will upgrade her phone. The new model adds a lot of pretty big improvements and I definitely think it is worth the upgrade for someone that is happy with the iPhone. Since the Farmville app corrects one of her biggest complaints about it , I would guess she will want to stick with it. I don’t know which color she will want.

    For me, I think I will continue to use my Palm Pre at least until I see what HP/Palm come up with for a next generation model and then I will likely either upgrade to that or switch to an Android phone. I think the new model and upgraded OS makes the iPhone a lot more competitive when it comes to features and overall power, but it doesn’t do anything for the main reasons I have passed on it before. Specifically, I really do want a physical keyboard, more flexible multitasking, and a operating environment that I can customize without being treated like I’m doing something illicit.

  8. Techni

    06/07/2010 at 4:56 pm

    I am, it’ll be my first phone.
    I love the added processing power.
    That’s pretty much it.

  9. TateJ

    06/07/2010 at 6:45 pm

    Yes, I’ll be upgrading. I have a 16gb 3G. I want 32gb of space and the front facing camera. I have my fingers crossed that Skype will be able to access it. Plus it will be faster.

  10. RobertM

    06/07/2010 at 9:38 pm

    I’m getting one.
    Reason:I entered college in japan as a foreign student since April. The ipod 3G I bought back then I’m using whenever i’m out of the dorm( as in class, for learning purposes). The japanese phone I’ve been using is a bit to simple for me now that I’ve gotten a taste of the ipod so I’m thinking of canceling my contract on that one and sending the Ipod to my mom back home.
    Uses: I always use video skype to talk with my family back home, so facetime/ an upgrade for the iphone OS skype is like heaven for me, and I don’t mind the wi fi limit for now since my campus is 90% covered in a wifi network( and contrary to popular believe japanese college students don’t use laptops/wifi very much they are more of SMS mobile phone generation so I get GREAT speeds).
    Japanese mobile phones are intuitive but being to write an sms with qwerty input is just my style. I’ll also finally be able to remember all the names of the people in my phone since If i just use my infrared from a normal phone to transfer contact information I tend to forget I even know that person. In this case the Iphone’s lack of a feature is great boost in a social aspect.
    I Never have my point-and-shoot when I need it and it doesn’t even to 720p so i consider this an upgrade from my camera aswell. I’ve also read on engadget that the photoshooting on the iphone4 is instant now.
    I’ll be using the online version of a flash card program called Anki. With the previous versions iphones if you wanted to use anki you would need to download the cydia app because the online version i messed up by the low resolution.
    I also read the iWork is also coming to it making it even more useful for me.
    Things I love: It thin small and has a solid construction, my favorite features in gadgets. I would of liked to see more colors besides black and white, but with that glossy material only the piano black seems to look good.
    LACK of FLASH is the only complain I have about it, but I can live with that for next few years.
    Other thoughts: I am starting to consider the iphone as a necessity for modern day life Japan. And that leads me to my opinion about tablet pcs( like the hp tm2, which btw isn’t being sold for some reason in japan) ending up as a device that is not a necessity but it greatly augments productivity among other things.

  11. John in Norway

    06/08/2010 at 1:54 am

    No. Still too many deal breakers for me:

    No keyboard
    No micro SD card slot
    Capacitive screen
    closed system
    No removal battery
    Etc, etc.

    However, for the average man in the street, this latest version seems very good (although a bigger screen would be nice).

  12. Eric

    06/08/2010 at 8:26 am

    I’ve got the 3G right now and will upgrade about September. I’ll go 32GB and Black. I’m really interested in the additional battery life and the added memory (can store more of my music). I use very few apps, so my memory is dedicated to the iPod part of the iPhone…going from 8 to 32gb will be awesome!!!

  13. tivoboy

    06/08/2010 at 9:23 am

    yes, yes yes. Where do I line up?
    the why, I already like the iphone and this one is simply better. I WANTED the FFC and will use it. the RFC is fine, I actually agree with the megapixel creep problem and solving lighting and contrast is going to go a long way with getting better images. I have every other type of camera – but i don’t ALWAYS have them with me and this one will work great for those needed on the road shots. Also, I think the 720p video will be great and I will never carry my flip camera again – buh buh flip, nice to know ya, nice timely sale to CSCO.

  14. Darrel

    06/08/2010 at 4:03 pm

    No. I will be waiting for iPhone 4.5 to be released.

  15. MobileITStudents

    06/08/2010 at 5:44 pm

    Since I have a IPad 3G, I’ll be staying with the Iphone rather then going over to Android(sold my 3gs 3 weeks ago to buy the Iphone 4 when it comes out). When your plugged into the Apple ecosystem you get lots of advantages. The google environment is strong as well, and if I was to use a netbook or notebook as my portable computer, I would get a Android phone. But since I have fell in love with the Ipad form factor, I plan to stay in the apple eco-system till there is somthing else that can do this Du-et better.(as the ipad compliments the iphone)

  16. Matty Matt

    06/14/2010 at 3:47 pm

    I want to get the iphone4, but i am not quite sure if that will be possible because my wife and I just got our iphone 3gs this past march. I am not eligible for an upgrade until november of 2011!!

    The 3gs is terrific. I love that this new iphone will have a flash on it. The 3gs should have had the flash anyways! Face time is cool, but will it cost extra??

    I can do an early upgrade and get the phone for 399 i was told. not quite sure if i wanna fork that kind of money out when i just got the 3gs a few months ago. Help someone

  17. andrew

    06/20/2010 at 3:03 pm

    im getting it because well why not? :D

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