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Solar Powered iPad Case Delivers an Hour of Video for An Hour in The Sun



The Voltaic Spark Tablet case is a solar powered iPad case made of recycled soda bottles and packs enough solar panels to charge an iPad with 10 hours of sunlight and deliver one hour of video playback for one hour in the sun. The Spark Tablet case generates 8.0 Watts of solar power in the sun and can store enough juice in the internal battery to fully charge your iPad or iPad 2. All this solar powered goodness comes at a price, $299 to be exact, but if you’re away from outlets the 1:1 charging ratio is going to be worth it.

Voltaic Spark Tablet Solar iPad Case

Solar iPad Case - One hour in the sun equal one hour of fun.

Voltaic is a known solar power player with numerous backpacks, bike accessories and strap on solar panels. The Spark Tablet case can be hold and charge the iPad as well as a collection of other gadgets via the two USB charging ports. The internal battery can hold almost a full iPad 2 charge and is able to charge up two devices at the same time.

The Voltaic Spark Tablet bag weighs 2.5 pounds, including the battery and solar panels. You can slide your iPad into the case while on the go and enjoy hearty outdoor protection from the shell which is waterproof and UV resistant. The panels are waterproof and thankfully Voltaic says the panels are, “built to withstand abuse.”

Voltaic Spark iPad Solar Powered Case

Charge while you watch with the Spark case.

When you want to use the iPad, you can take it out and use it in whichever case you wish or prop it up inside the bag in landscape mode while you watch video and charge the iPad.

At $299 this solar powered iPad case is one of the most expensive we have seen, but you do get an incredible charging ratio and the ability to charge multiple devices. If we were heading out into the wilderness, or adding items to our Zombie Survival Guide, the price would be plenty palatable.

Via Liliputing

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Doe

    07/07/2011 at 11:58 am

    Awesome, I can use this and not worry about running out of power out hiking or camping. I also use an iLoc Case to protect my iPad from water and dirt. I got mine for under $3 at

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