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SolPro Solar Charger: Charge in 90 Minutes, Not Hours



Solar chargers are nothing new, but for 2015 we are finally seeing consumer solar chargers that are capable of charging at speeds that consumers can actually use while away from traditional power sources. Unlike some alternative chargers that rely on small canisters, the Solpro Helios is a speed solar charger for your smartphone that includes a 5,000mAh battery.

The Solpro Helios solar charger can charge a smartphone like the iPhone or an Android phone in 90 minutes when in direct sunlight. This is faster than many consumer solar chargers, some of which can barely keep up with using the phone while you are using it.

The SolPro Helios solar charger can power up your smartphone in 90 minutes.

The SolPro Helios solar charger can power up your smartphone in 90 minutes.

For users who want an option to go off the grid while camping or enjoying other outdoors activities, while still keeping their gadgets charged up for activities like geocaching, birding, mountain biking, kayaking and other activities that would otherwise keep you far away from traditional power.

Like most solar chargers, there are is more than just a charger here. The Solpro Helios packs a 5,000mAH battery that ghouls charge a typical smartphone two to three times. This allows you to charge up when you have sun and when you are able to pause somewhere to charge up. To fly charge up, you’ll need 4.5 hours of direct sunlight outdoors, on a car dash or sitting out in the sun on a bench or table.

When you are near power, you can also charge up using a USB cable. In this mode, this works much like a typical portable battery that can charge a phone. The Helios allows users to charge up to two devices at once, including small tablets with one of the USB ports rated for 2.1A output.

SolPro Helios Solar Charger

The SolPro Helios charges completely in hour and a half hours.

“The idea of solar charging is compelling, but the reality for busy mobile consumers is that it is just not viable for everyday use.  Helios has changed all that, and is now the only charging device a person will need for all their powering. We have moved solar charging beyond the realm of specialty or limited use and brought it to the masses.” Bill Pike, CEO of Solpro explained in the Helios announcement. The Solar panel is rated, 3 x 6.5V 250mA.

The Helios uses a three-fold panel of “ultra-high efficiency” solar panels that allows for a portable size while on the go that can open up for faster charging. Closed, the Helios measures,  5.1″ x 3.15″ x 0.79”. Open it is 5.1″ x 11.0″ x 0.63” in size. The Helios solar charger is 0.77 pounds.

The SolPro Helios packs a large battery.

The SolPro Helios packs a large battery.

The Solpro Helios is available in orange, black and white and is available for sale now. The Helios is $159 and is available on the Solpro website starting now.

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