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Some Background on Lenovo’s X Series Portable Computers



If you haven’t stopped over at Lenovo’s blog, Inside the Box, you probably should. The three contributors post up some interesting information that ranges from responding to customer issues on shipping (although I haven’t seen anything there on the ThinkPad Tablet PCs yet) to some background info on Lenovo products. (One of my recent favorites was the Ultimate Spill Test.) Matt Kohut, one of the contributors, recently posted up some interesting background information on the X-Series, which includes the recent X60 and X61 Tablet PCs that is worth taking a look at. Corporate blogs can often be seen as simply another PR attempt to keep the customers at bay or pushing the company line, but so far, from what I’ve read, Inside the Box looks like it is aiming to provide some good info and also a place for customers to have a conversation. It certainly is adding context. Here’s hoping that continues.

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