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Some News On Vista Ultimate Extras, Kinda Sorta




UltimateextrasLong Zheng started something about a week or so ago. On his blog he posted this:  “Windows Ultimate Extras is a sham-where’s the responsibility?You know, those things that you forked over a few extra dollars for when you decided to go Ultimate with Vista. Things have been quiet for some time and there certainly hasn’t been a wave of Ultimate Extras hitting the tubes. Well yesterday Microsoft issued a non update update about what’s going on on the Ultimate Extras front that basically says some day Ultimate customers may see something happen. Here’s a link to the announcment. Apparently there is a new Ultimate team in place and they are at least responding, but as it appears not very well. It is no secret that things are shifting and changing at Microsoft post Vista Launch and I’m guessing this is just another facet of that.

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