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Something New Coming From Motion Computing



I’ve been a bit quiet here while I’m away taking care of some family stuff, but wanted to take a few moments to talk about a new Motion Computing Tablet PC I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this past week. I can’t talk much about the details nor post pictures, but this ought to whet your appetite until it is released.

First of all, it is a little larger than the LS800, and is not a replacement for it.  This Tablet PC is targeted to a vertical space ( ie – not a consumer or broad business line product ), which shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we’ve seen, Motion is continuing to target different vertical market segments, and this tablet pc is geared along that effort.

I’ve been toting it back and forth from my hotel room to the hospital and it is a pure joy to hold, carry, and ink on. It is light and fits perfectly in my Tom Bihn Buzz Bag. It has garnered quite a bit of attention as I’ve used it in Maggie’s hospital room. I brought the TC1100 with me, but have primarily been using this new Tablet PC.

I’ll be posting an InkShow video review on the day it is officially announced, and will certainly post more in the coming weeks.

Gotta run – got some inking to do!

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