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Something We Take For Granted About Tablet PCs: Work On The Go



Casestudy-image-gov-thumbWith all the talk these days about smaller devices (Netbooks, iPhones, possible Mac Tablets, etc…) it is nice to see a blog post that reminds us of one of the key selling points about Tablet PCs. Of course that’s mobility in the workplace (and the play place.) Sure, we think of Tablet PCs for their Inking ability, but the fact that workers in various industries can access information on the go with a Tablet PC is often forgotten or at least taken for granted. I know I take the mobility factor completely for granted as it has just become second nature in my work flow.

Check out this post on the Tablet PC Blog for more. And keep in mind, as we continue down the mobile road, Tablet PCs, in a way, started this latest wave. At least in my opinion.

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