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Sometimes it is Just Nice To Look at the Pretty



Apple has certainly proven that there is an eye for impeccable and eye-catching design. And certainly most geeks can have their head turned by something that just looks cool. Smashing Magazine is running a feature on Beautiful and Original Product Designs that feature an array of products from fridge magnets to rocking chairs, from phones you can ink on to a peanut butter jar with two lids. Of course all of the gadgets featured are concepts, but then again, it is really fun to run your eyes over some of this stuff.

A couple of mobile tech orientated designs that caught my eye include

The Nokia 888, a light wearable communication device.


Made in China is a concept that offers hardware with no cpu, no hard drive and no sound or graphics cards. All are stored on a service provider that a subscriber can access through the components.


The External Touch screen is just that. A touch screen that is detached from the computer.


The Concept Cell Phone features a 2 screen phone. One side is a touchscreen, one side OLED.

Check out the rest of the cool designs here.




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