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CES 2014

Sony Core Fitness Tracker Aims to Be Your New Daily Journal



We’ve seen a plethora of fitness trackers here at CES 2014 this year, but Sony thinks there’s room for one more in the mix. The company’s new Core fitness wristband is one of the latest health and fitness gadgets to be displayed here in Las Vegas.

The Core’s design is fairly unique. While the whole package looks very similar to any other fitness wristband we’ve seen here at CES, the Core simply just consists of a small chip sensor that’s about the size of a USB flash drive, and it fits into a wristband that you can switch out for different colors whenever you want.

Sony Core

From the face of it, the Core keeps track of the usual fitness suspects, including step count and sleep, but the twist is that Sony wants the device to be more like a daily journal that you keep of your activities. There’s a “life bookmark” button (that also doubles as the power button), and whenever you press it, it records a moment that you just had.

Speaking of moments, the Core keeps track of certain tasks, like the music you listen to, social media interaction and photos you take. All of this info is then gathered and stored in Sony’s Lifelog companion app for the Core. Of course, you’ll need the wristband connected to a smartphone in order for this feature to work.


Specific info is a bit scarce at this point, but Sony plans to reveal more info next month at Mobile World Congress. Sony expects to begin shipping the Core at some point within the next couple of months in the US and Europe. A US price hasn’t been disclosed, but European users can expect a price tag of 99 Euros, with the wristbands themselves costing around 15-20 Euros.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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