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Sony Doesn’t Show a Tablet at CES 2011 But Says it Will Be #2 Tablet Maker in a Year



Sony is one of the few companies at CES 2011 that isn’t showing off a Tablet. But apparently they want to be in the Great Tablet Race. According to remarks made at CES 2011, not only do they want to be in the race, Sony is boasting that it will be the number two Tablet maker in a year. Well, CES is about boasting if nothing else.

Sony’s head, Howard Stringer, says that Sony hasn’t figured out how to differentiate its Tablet yet. There are hints it might have 3D capability.

“If I want to differentiate it from others, do I release it tomorrow, or do I wait till I differentiate it?”

Well, while he and Sony are pondering, the Great Tablet Race is already underway.

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