Sony Puzzles & Excites with Big PS4 Holiday Promises
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Sony Puzzles & Excites with Big PS4 Holiday Promises



Comments made about the holiday 2015 selection of games and exclusive titles are drawing some raised eyebrows ahead of E3 2015 and what appears to be a light release schedule for PS4 games. In a new interview video game console maker Sony says it’s not worried about whether it’s platform will have enough games to stay on top.

In a interview with MCVUK out this week, PlayStation UK head Fergal Gara comes really close to outright teasing a huge reveal for PS4 games coming this holiday at the company’s E3 2015 press conference. When asked specifically about the lack of specific PS4 games coming this holiday season Gara said, “There is plenty for gamers to get excited about already, such as Tearaway for PS4 and No Man’s Sky.” He went on to elaborate on the idea a bit more, saying, “That’s just the start of what is on the table right now. So I don’t have any concerns that we will have a lack of strong software for PS4 this peak.”

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Gara referring to the Holiday 2015 shopping season as “peak” underlines just how important it is for Sony to showcase something unexpected at its E3 2015 briefing. The holiday season is commonly called peak season because video game purchases made during the run up to the Christmas and New Years holidays eclipse sales for the rest of the year.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo routinely bulk up on titles during the holiday season because having a decent amount of exclusive games and experiences makes it much more likely that shoppers will purchase their console over others. With games from third-party developers trying to reach broader audiences, most titles are available on both the Xbox One and PS4. That’s why having a decent slate of exclusive titles is so important.

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If Gara isn’t worried about having enough exclusive PS4 games this holiday season than the company must certainly be planning something big to reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in mid-June. Chief PS4 rival Xbox One has a stacked holiday season. Microsoft is hoping to boost sales of the Xbox One early in the season with a new release in it’s long-running Halo franchise. Titled Halo 5: Guardians, Microsoft’s 343 Industries built the game specifically to take advantage of the hardware that powers the Xbox One. The company publicly tested Halo 5: Guardian’s multiplayer last winter.

Joining Halo 5: Guardians is a console exclusive release of Rise of The Tomb Raider, which is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. Forza 6 is another Xbox-specific game lunching this year. Microsoft says it was so confident it had enough titles to carry the Xbox One that it delayed the release of Quantum Break to early next year. It’s more likely that the game was behind schedule, but it is a bold thing to state publicly nonetheless.

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It is entirely possible that the PS4 could perform well without first-part games of its own. That’s because Sony seems to have perfected a new, lethal attack on other consoles and platforms. The overwhelming majority of games launch for multiple platforms, but Sony and Microsoft have used exclusive promotional deals as weapons. For example, Star Wars Battlefront is coming to the Xbox One and the PS4, but the only the PS4 logo is shown during the trailer. Last year, Sony did a similar deal with Activision for Destiny. That deal went a step further though, locking down certain pieces of downloadable content for an entire year despite Xbox One and PS4 users paying the same price for access to it.

The PS4 has consistently out-sold the Xbox One nearly every month since launch. It’s also simply possible that Sony thinks it has all the market momentum it needs to survive a holiday season drought.

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