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Sony: That’ll Be $50, Thank You. Wait, We Were Wrong.



The blogosphere has been up in arms today over a report from PC World about Sony charging $50 to remove “crapware”. Yep, you got that right – $50 to remove software that would cause your new notebook to run as slow as molasses.

According to Gadget Lab, the noise must have gotten too loud, as Sony had a change of heart.

From Gadget Lab:

Responding to a tidal wave of outrage, Sony has reversed a plan to charge $50 to remove all the pre-installed applications — often derided as “bloatware” or “craplets” — from its high-end TZ-series notebooks.

Earlier today, PC World reported that Sony would charge $50 for a configuration option called “Fresh Start,” which would not include the bloatware. When contacted by Gadget Lab, a spokesperson for Sony said that the company will now remove that charge.

“There will be no charge for Fresh Start,” said the spokesman.

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