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Sony Xperia Z: Tough Enough to Survive Boiling Water (Video)



Sony’s Xperia Z is tough. In fact it’s so tough that in a new video the high-end Android smartphone survives an extended bath in boiling soup.

This test of Sony’s claim that the Xperia Z can survive the worst circumstances comes via IGA07, who decided to test the device’s durability. In the video, which you’ll find below, the outfit actually gathers the needed ingredients for soup, brings the dish to a boil and then drop the Xperia Z in the bubbling broth for about a minute and a half.

After about a minute of stirring, they then examined the device (after a quick wipe down) to see if any lasting damage had been done, and found the device to be completely unaffected by the ordeal.

The outcome of this gourmet torture test won’t come as a surprise to Sony itself, who engineered the device to be the most disaster-proof device in its lineup. According to Sony, the Xperia Z won’t suffer damage from water for the first thirty minutes after it’s been submerged in liquids. It also features a metal frame made out of the same material as car parts and a scratch resistant screen that should be able to take anything a user’s key-infested pocket can throw at it.

Sony’s Xperia Z also comes with a large array of state-the-art internal technology, including a 13MP rear-facing camera, a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 4G LTE for users who are on carriers who already employ the next generation wireless data standard.

In fact, we named the device, “Best Phone” during CES 2013.

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The device is also proving to a sleeper hit with consumers as well. According to Digitimes, Sony has completely sold through its entire stock of assembled devices to fulfill orders in Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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Unfortunately, American users still aren’t any closer to being able to get the Xperia Z through a domestic carrier. Potential owners can import the Xperia Z via Negri Electronics at a price of $771.50, but will have to be content with slower data speeds as the phone isn’t capable of communicating with either T-Mobile’s 3G network technology nor AT&T’s 3G or LTE network technology.

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