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Sony Xperia Z Nexus Tipped to Join Google Edition Lineup



On the heels of the HTC One Nexus (Google Edition) and Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus (Google Edition) comes word that Sony and Google may be planning another Nexus device in the form of a Sony Xperia Z Nexus (Google Edition).

In May, Google lobbed a bit of a surprise at Android users and enthusiasts, announcing not one, but two new Nexus smartphones in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus and HTC One Nexus, also known as the Galaxy S4 Google Edition and HTC One Google Edition. The devices will be similar to the models that are already on shelves only, they will come with a few perks when they arrive on the Google Play Store on June 26th.

A Sony Xperia Z Nexus could be on the way.

A Sony Xperia Z Nexus could be on the way.

Both of these devices will take on Nexus features like vanilla Android, unlocked bootloader and quick updates straight from Google. The two devices, unlike the Nexus 4, will run on 4G LTE and will be compatible with the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. While they are expensive, $599 for the HTC One Nexus and $650 for the Galaxy S4 Nexus, they are intriguing to those that want to pair their respective hardware with vanilla Android.

Rumor has it, they may not be alone. According to Android Geeks, Sony and Google are working on a Nexus version of the Sony Xperia Z, the company’s flagship smartphone and one that is soon headed to a carrier in the United States, likely T-Mobile. The device is said to follow in the footsteps of the other devices, becoming available on the Google Play Store and being available on the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile.

The device, like the others, is said to be U.S. only.

The HTC One Nexus will hit Google Play on June 26th.

The HTC One Nexus will hit Google Play on June 26th.

The Google Edition of the Xperia Z is said to have the same specs as the regular device which means a glass design that is water and dust resistant, 5-icnh 1080p display, quad-core processor, 13MP camera and more.

The device is apparently set for an arrival in July, after the Galaxy S4 Nexus and HTC One Nexus. No specific date is known. At this point, the rumor should be taken with an extreme grain of salt given that no concrete evidence has emerged and given that it would be odd to see the device emerge after the other two devices.



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