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Sony Xperia Z1s Arrives at T-Mobile, Sets Record



The Xperia Z1s, Sony’s latest and greatest hope of making any sort of progress in the American high-end smart phone market, is now available online at T-Mobile for no money down.

The Xperia Z1s bcame available on the nation’s fourth-largest mobile carrier early this morning, just roughly a week after Sony took to the state at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to announce it.

To be clear, the Xperia Z1s isn’t Sony’s first smartphone to arrive in the United States. However, it is certainly the first American handset launch in the company’s recent history to actually arrive within a reasonable amount of time. For example, the Sony Xperia Z1 took roughly six months to arrive in the United States, making it somewhat irrelevant to American buyers.

The Sony Xperia z1s is on the way to T-Mobile.

The Sony Xperia z1s has arrived at T-Mobile’s online store.

Sony did construct a device that would have been well worth that potential wait for some smartphone buyers. The Xperia Z1s includes a 20.7 megapixel rear-facing camera and a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor for quickly launching even the most demanding apps and games. If all that wasn’t enough, Sony’s packed the Xperia Z1s with a 5-inch display that borrows some of the same technologies that its televisions use. It’s also equipped with 32GB of on-board storage. Users can add more through the device’s microSD card slot.

No money down at T-Mobile means exactly that, T-Mobile users won’t have to pay anything for the handset itself. Instead, the cost of their device will be separated into 24 monthly payments of $22. Users do have the option to pay the device off early or pay the cost of the device all at one time. T-Mobile’s selling the Xperia Z1s for $528 for those who want to pay for the device entirely on pick-up.

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We found that the Xperia Z1s felt pretty solid in our brief time with it during CES 2014. Our own Josh Smith was impressed by the dizzying array of different preset camera modes the device comes with. Pre-made modes include blurring background scenery in photos. Developers will be able to create applets that directly integrate with the Xepria Z1s’s camera application. This allows developers to forgo standalone apps in favor of more integrated experiences. It’s a trick Nokia used to great effect on its camera-centric Lumia 1020.

Potential buyers will be able to check out the Xperia Z1s in T-Mobile’s retail locations beginning January 22nd.

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