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Sony’s New Digital Shift For Entertainment



MoviegoingThis is not really mobile in the way we usually cover things here, but I find it an intriguing move by Sony to post here. This summer Sony is going to start distributing “live” events digitally to movie theatres. Broadway shows, sports events, and concerts will be presented simultaneously in movie theatres. The goal is to offer one of a kind or special events that customers will pony up about $20 to see. A couple of ideas on the plate already include the debut which will be the final performance of Cirque de Soliel’s production of Delirum, and the the final performance of Rent. Called Hot Ticket, the effort will roll out on 400 to 500 screens.

This is intriguing to me on a number of levels. First and foremost, in a age where most of our talk about digital media is to deliver it to the home or the small screen, here we have an effort to keep the communal experience of experiencing an event moving forward. It should also help the movie theatre industry as well, if it succeeds.

Secondly, as we head into an age where travel of all types (especially auto and air) is going to become increasingly more expensive, having something like this happen in a local theatre could offer an opportunity for some to experience certain types of events that could avoid adding the travel cost to the price of admission.

As a theatre artist, I find it intriguing that the first couple of events feature the performing arts, but I’m sure if this looks to be successful and the economics work out, we’ll also see sporting events in this format as well.


From USA Today via Switched

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