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Source Claims To Have Seen Apple HDTV With Siri and FaceTime



The rumored Apple HDTV could bring Siri and FaceTime into the living room.

A source speaking to Cult of Mac claims to have seen the Apple HDTV complete with some iOS features. According to the source, Apple will put Siri and FaceTime into the HDTV, making it simple to control, and giving families an easier way to video chat.

Apple used Siri to control the TV, including making FaceTime calls, according to the source. There’s no other examples given of just how deeply Siri will integrate into the TV, though we hope it can control most features of the TV, similar to how the Kinect can control most features of the Xbox 360.

Source Claims To Have Seen Apple HDTV With Siri and FaceTime

The Apple HDTV the source saw had a built-in iSight camera for FaceTime that supported facial recognition. The camera could also zoom in on faces. That means users should still be able to sit on the couch away from the TV and appear relatively close to the camera to other users on FaceTime.

The Apple HDTV looks just like the current Apple Cinema Display, just larger, according to the source. The screen could be as large as 60-inches, which fits with the Sharp TV unit Foxconn recently invested money in.

An analyst also talking to Cult of Mac says Apple could release two to four sizes of the HDTV ranging from 40-inches to 60-inches. The TVs would be 1080p with nothing too crazy like OLED or 4K resolution. The pricing would likely fall between $1000 and $2000, if not higher.

We don’t know when, or even if, Apple will release a HDTV, but it likely won’t ship until later in 2012 at the earliest, with a 2013 release more likely. We hope Apple does produce such a device, so long as it works as well as a TV as the current AppleTV works as an iTunes delivery platform.

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