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SPB Slowly Getting Into iOS Apps



Back in the stone ages when I used Windows Mobile devices I had them stuffed with Apps (I don’t even think they were called Apps back then) from SPB Software. SPB made some excellent software that offered very good functionality that really improved Windows Mobile. Again that was in the stone ages.

Now, it looks like SPB is slowly getting into the iOS game. I noticed this morning that there is now an SPB Time App that offers skinnable clocks, alarms, and other clock like functionality. I  might have to give this a look. There are a few other SPB Apps floating around in the App Store but I haven’t heard much about them or at first look they don’t appear to be getting much traction. While a lot of the old Windows Mobile functionality that SPB added can be taken care of with existing iOS Apps, I’d love to see SPB ramp up what they do on that platform.

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