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Specs and Speculation Heats Up On Dell Tablet PC



James Kendrick got his hands on some potentially intriguing info from an anonymous source (the only space with more anonymous sources than politics is the tech space.) His source offers some possible specs for what we’ve all been hearing about a possible Tablet PC from Dell. Here’s a snippet on the specs from jkOnTheRun:

  • Dell will release a Tablet PC in the September/ October 2007 time frame
  • The Tablet PC will be based on the Latitude D420 notebook computer and will be a convertible Tablet.
  • It will be compatible with all Latitude D series accessories such as docking stations, power adapters, etc.
  • This Tablet PC will be the last system released in the popular Latitude D series.
  • The Dell Tablet PC will have an active digitizer only.
  • Wireless Broadband will be an option
  • Widescreen display

If Dell enters the market, things will become very interesting, very quickly.


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