Spectacular Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle Revealed
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Spectacular Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle Revealed



Sony, maker of the PS4 video game console, isn’t letting the recently announced Destiny The Taken King Expansion launch on the PS4 without any fanfare. This week the company revealed a absolutely gorgeous Destiny Taken King PS4 bundle that includes a matching PS4 controller and more.

Sony revealed the Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle in a post on its PlayStation Blog this week and it’s safe to say that it is the most attractive looking version of the console to launch yet. Actually called the Limited Edition Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle, it’ll arrive alongside the physical and digital copies of Destiny The Taken King.


The to be priced Limited Edition Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle itself is colored white, with black accents running through the center of the console itself. On the top of the Limited Edition console is a map set in grey. The Destiny word mark sits in the top-left corner of the map in grey lettering, and a gold Destiny logo sits beside it. Embedded in the lower-half of the console’s face is a gold Guardian emblem with grey spokes that radiate across the map. The PS4 controller included with the bundle has a white face that is offset by light grey tips that match the map on the console itself.

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Video game developer Bungie and publisher Activision announced Destiny The Taken King at this year’s E3 2015 trade show. Together, they described the forthcoming update as the biggest content additions to ever come to Destiny, which launched in September of 2014. Destiny itself is an online role-playing game that has the mechanics of a first person shooter. In Destiny you create your own Guardians and outfit him or her with the latest gear you can get to take down enemies.

Purchasing the Limited Edition Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle gets users all sorts of premium extras besides just the console and controller themselves. Included is Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, a physical copy of the game itself. With this version of the game users get the original game from 2014 plus the two expansion packs that are already available to users. Buyers also get what Sony describes as a “free upgrade” to the Digital Collector’s Edition version of Destiny The Taken King. Players will find three rare Guardian items and XP bonuses including with their purchase. Three emotes, a weapons pack and three armor shades are also included with the purchase.

Destiny The Taken King adds a new story campaign to the Destiny experience. It also gives players the option to upgrade their characters with new Guardians sub-classes, powers, weapons, and rewards. Besides the new campaign, there are new in-game activities and multiplayer maps for gamers to try.

The Limited Edition Destiny The Taken King bundle is perfect for anyone who hasn’t upgraded to the PS4 yet, which is exactly who this new bundle is aimed at. Big fans of the game and the PS4 might purchase it because it’ll be hard to get after launch. Sony is also promising the initial release and likely won’t be selling the bundle again after the first round of them sellout.

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Destiny The Taken King will arrive on store shelves on September for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Purchasing the upgrade in stores on disc requires that you pick up a $60 Limited Edition that comes complete with the prior two expansions. Those versions are already available for pre-order at GameStop and other retailers. Digitally, the upgrade will cost just $49.99 directly from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. Destiny isn’t something that you can play on a PC or Mac.

Some Destiny fans are already upset that getting some of the extras newcomers will get involves them basically having to repurchase the game a year after the purchased the first version.

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