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Speech —-The Series Begins



Hi everyone! Well, we are finally starting off on our series regarding speech recognition. It has been a slow start, but I hope interest will peak as we become more actively involved with the future of speech recognition and tablet computers.

Did you notice Craig’s post earlier in the week? I was very happy to see he had some success in starting up and using Vista speech recognition. I’m sure if you read his post you noticed that he had some errors. This is such a common phenomenon with beginning users of speech. To this day, I still can have occasions where I do not proofread carefully enough and either find that words are added, not posted or interpreted as the wrong word. I am sure as he becomes more used to working with speech that this problem will improve.

I just finished installing Dragon Medical 10. I am very excited by the prospect of seeing how well it works on my Motion 1600 computer. It’s amazing how things change in such a brief period of time. Several years ago this tablet computer was state-of-the-art. It is still a very good computer and an excellent tablet computer. But it no longer is state-of-the-art (especially with Dragon speech recognition.)

Well, I am getting ready to poke and prod both Warner and Truc. They both have promised that they will begin posting in the very near future. We have three beginning speech recognition users. I hope you will stay involved with us and post frequently regarding your feelings and experiences.

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