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Spider-Like Life Phorm Holds Phones, Tablets, Cameras In Any Position [Hands-On, Video]



One of the perennial problems in my life with mobile devices is how best to deal with them when I don’t want to hold them. Where to set the tablet when I’m cooking but need it for the recipe? How do I get my eReader to sit on the bed in a way that means I don’t have to move much to turn pages? How do I get my phone sitting at the right angle when watching Netflix?

A variety of products exist to solve these problems for each kind of device, but rarely do you find a universal one. At this year’s CES I did: Lethal Protection’s Life Phorm.

At first glance this tablet/smartphone/camera stand looks like a Breffo Spiderpodium on steroids. On second glance it looks like a Facehugger from Alien, and that makes it even cooler. Beyond getting high marks for its science fictiony look, the Life Phorm also stands out for its versatility.

Life Phorm holding a tablet, DSLR and smartphone

At the center is a bracket that can fit multiple sizes of mobile device from smartphones on up to tablets even larger than 10-inches. To attach a camera, remove the bracket and thread a standard tripod screw through the slit. The Life Phorm Pro, made from aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, can hold up to 22 pounds, so it’ll keep a big DSLR steady in multiple positions.

Life Phorm arm

Each of the 6 legs is articulated in multiple places and are firm enough to hold steady while not being too stiff to move easily. They have small hooks on the end for even stronger hold in one position (using a bungee cord or something similar). The creators also told me that the notches and small holes you see at the end were built into the design so they could hook even more kinds of accessories to the ends. I believe there’s talk of wheels.

Since the legs are all individually articulated users can balance the Life Phorm in a ton of positions and places. Hang it from a bar, wrap it around your wrist, place it on the bed, stand things on their sides. I’m particularly excited about this as a camera podium for taking steady hands-on videos.

Life Phorm holding a Sony Alpha NEX-C3

Life Phorm Pro holding a Sony Alpha NEX-C3 - See it folded in the background

The Life Phorm Pro weighs just 8 ounces and folds up to just under 6 inches square for easy portability. Design for the lighter Life Phorm isn’t finalized yet, but it’s lighter and made of plastic, rubber and metal.

Expect to see the Life Phorm ($69) and Life Phorm Pro ($149) on the market around April of this year. When they come out we’ll get you a full review. But for right now I say add it to your wish list, because this stand looks pretty sweet.


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