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Spigen Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Thin Air Review



The Spigen Ultra Thin Air Samsung Galaxy S4 case is an incredibly thin, well designed case that offers plenty of protection without adding noticeable bulk.

Like the Nexus 4 case, this Ultra Thin Air Samsung Galaxy S4 case is one of my favorite so far, thanks to a collection of great features built into the affordable price and extras.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t lacking in the case department, but this is definitely one of the top picks we’ve found. Spigen offers the Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Thin Air in black, white, tangerine and mint and each case comes with a screen protector to add protection to the front of the device as part of the $24.99 price.

Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Thin Air Video Review

Spigen chose to create the Galaxy S4 case with a glossy polycarbonate that snaps onto the Galaxy S4. This case adds a small amount thickness, but it is well used. The back and sides of the phone are well protected, especially the corners of the device which are completely wrapped.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - Ultra Thin Air Spigen  1

The case also provides a small lip that keeps the Galaxy S4 display off of tables and nightstands when placed facedown and should offer added protection in case of a drop. I enjoy this part of the design a lot as the notification LED is so bright I need to keep the phone facedown when charging overnight.

The Spigen Ultra Thin Air Galaxy S4 Case is easy to put on and to remove, this makes switching a Micro SD card out a snap. When we finally get some Samsung Galaxy S4 spare batteries, this case will also prove friendly.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - Ultra Thin Air Spigen  4

The Galaxy S4 case leave s openings to the volume rocker and the power button. There is a small lip of plastic close to the power button, but it isn’t too tough to push the button with the case on.

There are decent size openings on the back of the case for the camera and the rear facing speaker. There is a small “13 Mega” marking near the camera and a Spigen logo on the lower corner. The back is glossy and will collect fingerprints  but is easier to grip than the back of the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - Ultra Thin Air Spigen  7

The case features small openings around the IR blaster, headphone jack and charging port to make sure that any size headphone jack or Micro USB charger works. The case is slim enough that it works in the RokForm Samsung Galaxy S4 dock for charging the device.

Spigen offers the Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Thin Air for $34.99 with a screen protector and the case is available on Amazon with Prime shipping.



  1. Xperia Guide

    05/07/2013 at 1:07 am

    what is the weight of these covers in addition to the Galaxy S4 ? do they add soem extra weight to the device making them bulkier.

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