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CES 2013

Spigen GLAS-tR Glass Screen Protectors put Glass Shield on Your iPhone



The Spigen GLAS-tR is a new glass screen protector for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S with rounded edges to provide better protection and increased durability.

Spigen also shared plans to release an iPad mini GLAS-t and GLAS-tR glass screen protectors in the near future and showed off a collection of Slim Armor cases for the iPhone 5 which match the look of the iPhone 5.

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Spigen is a well-known name in glass screen protectors for the iPhone, iPad and Galaxy Note , along with many other devices.

Spigen GLAS tr vs t

The new Spigen GLAS-tr features rounded corners.

Rather than covering the screen in a hard to apply plastic screen protector, Spigen offers a chemically strengthened glass screen protector that sits on top of your screen, providing protection from scratches and even from drops. We’ve heard reports from other tech writers that the GLAS-t screen protectors have protected their devices from a drop to concrete.

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The glass screen protectors sit flush to the scree and don’t impede touch sensitivity. Because the protector is made of glass, it feels just like swiping on a phone’s display.

The older GLAS-t models would often shatter during a drop, and while it saved the iPhone or Galaxy Note from destruction, it was the end for the screen protector.

Spigen GLAS-tr iPhone 5 screen protector

A thin glass screen protector for the iPhone 5.

The GLAS-tR features rounded corners which Spigen claims provide a better protection and durability. The company says the new screen protectors will better survive drops, protecting the iPhone, but not breaking. Spigen may bring the GLAS-tR screen protectors to the Galaxy Note and to newer devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.


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