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Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case Review



The Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case is a minimalist iPhone 5 case that offers a good amount of protection and a design that matches the iPhone 5’s natural look.

This two part case adds a little bulk to the iPhone 5, but unlike most other cases those around you may think you are carrying your iPhone without a case thanks to the two-tone design.

Spigen is well known for glass screen protectors like the Spigen GLAS.tR, but the company is also making a push into cases and based on our look at the Spigen Ultra Thin Air Case and this Slim Armor case for the iPhone 5 the company is on to something.

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case Review - 2

The Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 case maintains the iPhone 5’s looks.

The Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 case features a TPU inner section and a Polycarbonate outer band to protect the iPhone 5 from most drops. The case uses this two-part design to mimic the black on metal look of the iPhone 5, right down to the simulated chamfered edge on the side of the case.

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The TPU portion of the case provides more drop protection than a polycarbonate case alone, and the TPU feels much better than the plastic cases found in your local mall. The Polycarbonate part of the case completes the look with a smooth finish. The polycarbonate fits tight to the TPU and keeps the case on the phone.

The polycarbonate finish is one of the only complaints I have with the case. I tend to spin my iPhone around on a table and carry it in a pocket with other items and after several weeks of use the polycarbonate back shows signs of wear. The small scratches in the middle of the back of the case are thankfully just slightly darker than the case, but it’s disappointing to see the scratches after just a few weeks.

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case Review - 3

Some scratches show on the back of the Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 case.

The case includes openings for the Lightning connection and a headphone jack that accommodates most regular size headphone jacks, including L shaped jacks. The Lightning to 30 pin adapter and the Micro USB to lightnign adapters are both too thick to use with this case on the iPhone. The volume and power buttons are easy to use thanks to TPU covers. There is a decent size opening for the silence switch.

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case Review - 1

Average size openings for the Lightning connection and the headphone jack.

Even with the scratched back I really like the look and feel of this case. It offers a good amount of protection but is thin and light enough to still hold the iPhone 5 in one hand and turn pages or navigate in an app like Alien Blue. I also really enjoy teh looks of the case, which from a distance looks like an iPhone without a case.

Spigen offers the Slim Armor iPhone 5 case in Gunmetal, Slate and Satin Silver for the attractive price of $17.99 on Amazon.



  1. Darren McBrayer

    03/19/2013 at 6:05 pm

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