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Splotch goes to Washington with Techno Overload (and alternator overload as well)



EddieV from GBM

“On the road again…. just can’t wait to get on the road again… “ My best Willie Nelson…. What a blast. We are having tech overload here on I-95 Northbound toward Richmond,VA. Dennis is driving, make that Grrrr’n and the alternators in the white Yukon’s are as well. You see, we (the Rice’s and VanDerbeck’s) are headed to our nations capital for a few days of sight seeing and on site education for the younger kids. The only problem so far is that the power converters just can’t keep up. Oh well. We’ll keep looking for a solution. On other problem. Dennis intentionally drives so as to hit EVERY hole, crack, void, bump, chasm, and dead animal in the road. Repeatedly I have requested that he not do that but to no avail. Trust me, the hard drive crash protection has not kicked in yet, but I expect it to any minute now. How’s a guy to work with driving like that. Note to self: Next time Sandra drives or maybe I can ride with Splotch? Yea, he snuck onboard just as we were leaving. I’m sure you will see him in some photos to come.

What techno toys are we traveling with? You may ask? Here you go…ontheroad_small

To start with we’ve got a Lenovo X60 Convertible Tablet, a Lenovo X61 Convertible Tablet, Gateway M280 Convertible Tablet, 2, yes that’s two OQO Model 02’s, HP TC1100 Tablet, Toshiba M200 Convertible Tablet, a Verizon Air card, another Verizon Air Card attached to a Kyocera KR-1 mobile router, assorted power converters, and a partridge in a pear tree. Sorry, the partridge part is not true, but the rest of it is. There is even a rumored Samsung Q1P stowed away somewhere. I cannot remember is I packed it or not. Way to many gadgets on this trip. Oh yea, I almost forgot the lesser equipment; a HP DV-6227 laptop (to store digital photos,etc) and a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS system. Do you think we brought enough? And yes, most of them are out and being used as I write. Well not the X61 or the DV-6227, my wife is driving one car, Dennis the other. Everything else is is fired up and surfing on our 70+ MPH HIGHLY Mobile wireless access point made possible by the KR-1. Very cool piece of equipment! Check out my “How-To” on that one here.

 Splotch  Splotch headed for Washington; without his buddy Warner. :(

Now if only we could get the blasted power converters to work without overheating. I just don’t get it, why can’t I have an AC outlet in my Denali? Hello! GM, are you listening?

More “On the Road” with Dennis and Splotch to come…. stay tuned.

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