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Spoiler Alert: HP Palm TouchPad name leaked (no specs)



Ahead of today’s big HP Palm event, scooped everyone by learning the name of the star product, the HP Palm TouchPad, a slate running WebOS, at the event rehearsal. They also learned it will be 1.5 pounds and 13mm thick. However, contrary to some reports, that’s all they learned.

Not the HP Palm TouchPad

To go along with the story, ran a graphic of an earlier spec sheet that may or may not be final. However, that wasn’t clear to everyone, such as Crunchgear, and I myself almost got caught making the same error. Fortunately, I am both gifted and cursed with excellent recall when it comes to gadgets (not so much with chores and anniversaries) and recognized the graphic from an earlier story. So no big news yet, but it’ll be announced soon enough.

Update: HP’s own website has leaked their WebOS offerings in sizes of small, medium and large with the HP Veer, Pre3, and TouchPad. Via Slashgear.

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