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Spotify Family Plan Will Help Families Save Big Soon



Music subscription service Spotify isn’t holding back as it tries to become the world’s largest provider and give Spotify Free users new reasons to sign up for its paid plans. Today Spotify revealed Spotify Family, a new way for a family of five to save big on the costs of subscription music for everyone.

Spotify announced Spotify Family in a blog post earlier today, revealing key details like the subscription’s roll out and price.

The gist of the discounted subscriptions are pretty simple. When one user signs up for Spotify they’ll have the option to add family members to their Spotify Account. Each one of these Spotify Family accounts are treated completely separate from the main account, meaning there’s no commingling of music involved. In every way except for price, users will never know the difference between a Spotify Family Account and the account that created it.

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Users will be allowed to create up to five Spotify Family accounts. Each account will add just $5 to the regular subscription costs. That’s because Spotify Family gives users a 50% discount on the four accounts they add. That might sound a bit high, but today users pay $9.99 for each separate account they have with Spotify. For two people that adds up to $20. With Family, users are getting the same experience for just $15. With Family pricing a family of five can get music streaming for everyone at a cost of $30 a month.

Spotify isn’t the first to attempt making music streaming more affordable for the entire family. Before being purchased by Apple, Beats Music also offered streaming for the entirely family. Unfortunately, those family plans are no longer available if the lack of information about the plans on the Beats Music website is any indication.

Family plans are an easy way for music subscription companies to boost sales, in theory. By making it more affordable, it’s conceivable that the service  could convince entire swaths of users to create accounts for their family instead of forcing everyone onto the same account. Being more affordable isn’t the only win here either, the service is also banking on users being willing to spend a bit more money to have their streaming music account to themselves. Rather than pay for a different account for each user in their home, many subscribers to Spotify and other subscription music services simply use the same account for everyone. This ensures that everyone can stream, but it also means that everyone is stuck trying to find their music among the music of their family. Using the same account also throws off recommendations and any automatic curating that the service is trying to do.

A Spotify Premium subscription allows users to build offline collections and listen to any song in Spotify’s library without having to work their way through a playlist. Users who have a Spotify Premium Account aren’t hit with advertisements for products periodically. Spotify Free forces users to stop skipping songs if they’re excessively moving through playlists. Spotify Premium lets users skip as many songs as they want in a given playlist. The Spotify Family Plan gives all users access Spotify Premium benefits.

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The only bad news to be found concerning the new Spotify Family Plan seems to be its availability. Even though Spotify Family was announced today, Spotify says that it “will roll out globally over the upcoming weeks.”

In short, it may or may not be available in your area depending on the roll out schedule. Today, Spotify Family wasn’t available through the Spotify website in the United States. Users who sign up for Spotify are able to listen to the service’s music through apps on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and the web. Mac and PC apps are available too, but the Windows version isn’t something you can download through the Windows Store. It’s a Desktop app like Apple’s iTunes.

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