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Sprint 4G LTE Headed to Four New Cities



Sprint has announced that it will be expanding its 4G LTE network to four new cities by Labor Day 2012 which falls on September 3rd of this year.

The four upcoming markets will join the 15 cities that Sprint has already lit up with 4G LTE speeds. We imagine that Sprint will likely add a few more cities to that list of upcoming markets between now and September 3rd as well.

Once they go live, users in these four areas will be able to take full advantage of Sprint’s 4G LTE lineup which includes the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC EVO 4G LTE and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Until the markets go live, users will only be able to pull down 3G data speeds.

Sprint 3G will be replaced by 4G LTE In four new markets.

The areas that will be seeing 4G LTE service arrive on September 3rd included Baltimore, Maryland, Gainesville, Georgia, Manhattan/Junction City, Kansas and Sherman-Denison, Texas.

Again, we don’t expect these to be the only cities that get 4G LTE service on September 3rd as Sprint will likely go down a similar road as Verizon which tends to announce a slim list of markets early and then reveal more as time goes on.

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We’ve already heard about some potential additions to the list including Akron, Chicago, Fort Worth, Nashville, New York, Rialto and Stockton.

It’s assumed that Sprint is going to be carrying the iPhone 5 this fall, a device that is widely believed to have 4G LTE capabilities on board. If that’s the case, look for Sprint to ramp up its 4G LTE coverage in the next two months in preparation for that launch as the iPhone 5 is rumored for a September launch, and 19 4G LTE markets would be a pretty slim offering.

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