Sprint Announces HTC, Samsung Windows Phone Coming Summer 2013
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Sprint Announces HTC, Samsung Windows Phone Coming Summer 2013



Sprint, the last of the four largest national U.S. carriers, is announcing that it will finally be supporting Windows Phone 8 on its 3G/4G LTE network come this summer. Though details are scarce at this time, the Now Network carrier announced that it will be supporting two new models of smartphones running Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system, one from HTC and another from Samsung.

Sprint-LogoPricing and specific availability are not available right now, but if Sprint scores the latest Windows Phone 8X by HTC, it will be a major victory for HTC as it will be the first Windows Phone 8 device to be supported by all four national carriers.

“Sprint has had a strong relationship with Microsoft for many years so we are excited to reinforce our commitment to the Windows 8 platform by sharing the details and timing for our first Windows Phone 8 smartphones,” said Fared Adib, Sprint senior vice president, product development and operations. “These smartphones combine a robust new operating platform with the benefit of Sprint’s unlimited data plans. There is no doubt these phones will quickly become an extension of your PC experience right in the palm of your hand.”

The last Windows Phone device to come from Sprint is the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Arrive, which launched with 3G-only access. The new Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Sprint adds on LTE coverage, which would allow Sprint customers to take advantage of faster mobile broadband access on the Sprint network where available.




  1. sal

    01/07/2013 at 3:56 pm

    Lol like you can use it….Sprint has no Data network to speak of. So if you want a windows paperweight then by all means run out and get it. Just make sure you have WiFi.

  2. finnius

    01/07/2013 at 9:05 pm

    Summer? Are you kidding me???? Why is sprint always so card behind the power curve? I was debating leaving after 14 years and I am not sure this promise of summer changes that. Service has been awful lately, calls dropping all the time. Text messages getting hung in limbo for hours. Picture texts not getting through, data speeds so bad lately that “Unlimited Data” is completely meaningless.

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