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Sprint Begins Offering Unlimited Guarantee and Unlimited, My Way Plans



Sprint will launch a new service plan to deliver what it describes as the best value for talk, text and data heavy users.

According to the carrier, with the new Sprint Unlimited Guarantee, users can now be assured that they’ll receive unlimited talk time regardless of their being someone with a mobile device or land line phone on the other end, plus unlimited messaging and mobile data use. This Unlimited Guarantee will apply to both new and old users of its Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans.

Sprint says that the new changes will go into effect on today, July 12th. Users will be able to choose the amount of lines they have to add the guarantee. Pricing starts at one line for $50, two lines for $40, three lines for $30. Sprint users with more than four lines but less than ten will have to pay upwards of $20 dollars per line.


Feature phone users will be able to choose a $10 month plan for unlimited data and text messaging to basic cell phones while smartphone users will be promoted to pay $30 for unlimited data and text messaging. According to Sprint, these new plans will allow users on the Sprint network to pay as little as $80 a month for unlimited everything for a single account.

Sprint’s new My All-In Plans allows users to bundle unlimited voice, messaging, and data services with mobile hotspot functionality if they have a smartphone that supports the feature. This will allow subscribers to make use of their Sprint data network access on their laptops or tablets in a pink. Sprint says users will get 5GB of mobile hotspot access each more plus unlimited everything for $110 a month before taxes and fees.

Users of its Unlimited, My-Way Plan or May All-in plan will have unlimited everything for the “life of the line of service”, meaning if Sprint should decide to ditch the guarantee for any reason and a user cancels their line and then comes back to Sprint after the Guarantee is gone, they won’t still get that unlimited service.

Users also won’t be able to transfer the guarantee across lines or accounts and the guarantee won’t apply if a user doesn’t “meet the terms and conditions of the plan and pay their bill in full and on-time”.

These plans come on the heels of Sprint rival T-Mobile announcing that it would allow family users to apply for up to four phones contract-free on their service for just $100. If Sprint wishes to stay competitive in the low-end wireless service space, it’ll need to continue to make aggressive moves to court families and users on a budget.



  1. Tony

    07/12/2013 at 10:50 am

    My way would include offering LTE. Currently Sprint only offers that in 22 of the top 100 markets which does not include the city where I live. So Sprint isn’t e en a consideration. Even TMO now offers LTE in 116 cities and 73 of the 100 top markets. Sprint has a long way to go.

  2. Logan Abbott

    07/12/2013 at 5:15 pm

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