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Sprint Clarifies The 5GB Cap Limit



SprintlogoAfter getting a lot of pushback on last week’s announcement that Sprint was going to follow Verizon and AT&T’s lead and impose a cap on wireless data plans, Sprint has issued some clarifications on this.

  • First up this applies to those using a connection card and phone as modem plans.
  • Going over the limit will not cause a card to stop working. Going over occasionally is apparently going to be an OK thing as Sprint is going to look at this on a rolling three month basis. Customers would have to exceed the limit in two out of three consecutive months.
  • Users will be able to monitor their usage after June 8.

Fair enough to a degree. Here’s my usage scenario. I do most of my travel during the months of December through April, and this is when I use the data plans on my Sprint device the most. So, let’s say next year is like this one, where I use it extensively in December, January, and February, again in April, but don’t use it that much the rest of the year. Answer me this Sprint? Got a solution to keep me happy with that kind of usage scenario.

For more on this check out Crave.

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