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Sprint Cuts Phone-As-Modem Prices to $15



SprintBefore any Sprint-Nextel customers get too excited, make sure you check the fine print. Sprint-Nextel, hemoraghing users by the day, is dropping the price of the phone-as-modem (PAM) plans from $50 a month to $15 a month. If you’ve got the right accompanying data plan. You need either a Sprint PRO Pack, or a Blackberry Personal Pack (both of which cost $30 a month), or a Worldwide Blackberry Personal Pack or the Worldwide Blackberry Personal Pack (both of which cost $70 per month), or the Primary Data Plan ($50 per month).

The upshot is that you’ll save some dough in you use PAM, but you’ll still be forking over some additional change. Prior to the change, you didn’t need a base plan requirement. Keep in mind Sprint’s PAM and data card options are capped at 5GB per month.

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