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Sprint Launches New Tethering Plans



Sprint has rather quietly killed off its 5GB tethering plan and introduced two new tethering plans to customers on its network.

In a post on its community forums, Sprint outlined the details. The 5GB for $29.99 a month plan has been sent off into the sunset and in its place, the carrier has introduced two new plans that offer varying data allotments.

Sprint says the reason it is making the change is to not only stay competitive but to offer a lower price point for those that wish to use tethering.

The first is a 2GB tethering plan that will cost users $19.99 per month and the second is a 6GB tethering plan that will run for $49.99 per month. Both will work with the carrier’s 3G and 4G networks.

Sprint Unveils New Tethering Plans

Users who take advantage of Sprint’s $29.99 per month plan will be able to take advantage of that plan until service with the carrier is canceled.

The plans actually went into place a few days ago on May 18th so those signing up for tethering plans today and in the foreseeable future will have to deal with choosing between the smaller 2GB amount and the much larger 6GB plan.

The carrier will also offer a way for customers to check on their monthly limit. Again, these plans are not unlimited like Sprint’s data plans for smartphones and tablets. Sprint will alert customers when 75, 90 and 100 percent of the data allotment has dried up.

At 100%, Sprint will prompt customers with a notice asking if they wish to suspend the service or keep using it and pay overage charges.

Those who wish to take advantage of these notifications must opt-in through Sprint’s website.

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