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Sprint Launches Three New Tri-Band LTE Modems



Though Sprint’s LTE network hasn’t been the speediest so far in recent speedtests, that may change as the carrier is using all of its spectrum to increase capacity on 4G and deliver the best experience. Rather than locking LTE to a single band, like what many of its rivals are doing, Sprint will soon be allowing customers to use any spectrum for LTE depending on coverage conditions and what is optimum. As part of the move, the Now Network has announced three new data modems that will be able to hop on any of Sprint’s three bands for LTE use when that launches later. The devices, however, will become available on July 19.

The devices will include the Netgear 341 U USB modem, the Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot, and a Novatel MiFi 500 mobile hotspot. The USB modem will cost $19.99 while the two mobile hotspot units will cost $50 this Friday.

Both hotspot units are able to connect up to 10 WiFi-enabled gadgets to share Sprint’s mobile broadband data connection.

Netgear Zing hotspot for Sprint.

Netgear Zing hotspot for Sprint.


The Zing will also feature a touchscreen, and the device appears to be a rebadged version of AT&T’s Sierra Wireless Unite modem.

Novatel MiFi for Sprint

Novatel MiFi for Sprint

Sprint already has LTE deployed on the 1900 MHz spectrum and the carrier will be adding LTE to the 800 MHz spectrum freed up from shutting down its legacy iDEN network as well as LTE on the 2.5 GHz spectrum from the acquisition of partner ClearWire. The 800 MHz will be good for in-building penetration while the 2.5 GHz spectrum should deliver faster speeds, especially when outdoors.

Now that Sprint has been acquired by Softbank, hopefully it can deploy LTE to more markets with greater speed.

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