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Sprint Laying Down BlackBerry PlayBook, HTC EVO View 4G, EVO 4G to Rest



It looks like Sprint is gearing up to retire some older smartphone and tablet models in an attempt to make room on its retail shelves for newer upcoming models with 4G LTE on-board. The models being retired and placed on Sprint’s EOL, or End-of-Life, list include the WiFi-only version of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, the HTC EVO View 4G which is the HTC Flyer with 4G WiMax on-board made for Sprint’s Now Network, and the phone that started the 4G revolution in the U.S. market, the HTC EVO 4G.

The HTC EVO 4G has been a big seller for Sprint, and despite the carrier’s previous several attempts to retire the device, it seems that the aging smartphone is still attracting a good number of buyers to keep it on store shelves for now, or at least until the end of the month when it will be placed on that EOL list.

The HTC EVO View 4G, introduced last Spring alongside the HTC EVO 3D, is Sprint’s 7-inch WiMax-enabled variant of the HTC Flyer tablet. The device comes with HTC’s Magin Pen and HTC Scribe for drawing and annotations, much like the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note from Samsung.

And lastly, there’s the BlackBerry PlayBook. Despite Sprint’s early enthusiasm for the device and hopes of delivering a WiMax-enabled PlayBook to consumers, plans fell through for a 4G PlayBook and Sprint opted instead like other retailers to just stock the WiFi-only model.

Via: SprintFeed


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