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Sprint Laying Down Motorola Photon 4G to Rest Starting in April?



It looks like the Motorola Photon 4G, which is one of the most recent 4G WiMax devices to launch on Sprint’s Now Network and debuted on the carrier’s network last summer, will be marked as an EOL, or end of life, device. According to a leak obtained by Sprint Feed, Sprint may be laying the device to rest beginning next month in April. The timing of Sprint’s retirement of the Photon 4G seems to come early as the device is under a year old.

However, given Sprint’s transition to 4G LTE technology from WiMax and Sprint now focusing its efforts on launching LTE smartphones like rivals AT&T and Verizon Wireless, perhaps the carrier is now phasing out WiMax devices. Other recent WiMax product high-end introductions include the HTC EVO 3D, the HTC EVO Design 4G, and the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, many of which launched last summer.

Early this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sprint began showing off some new LTE products, including a mid-range LG Viper and a high-end Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The carrier was light on details on both products, but said the devices would be coming this year. More recently, the HTC One X is also rumored to be coming to Sprint as the HTC EVO One. Rival AT&T will also be carrying the HTC One X on its 4G LTE network while Verizon Wireless had already begun sales of the Galaxy Nexus on its LTE network.

Also on the list for end of life status are the HTC EVO 4G (black model), the LG Optimus S, and the LG Marquee, which is Sprint’s variant of the LG Optimus Black launched internationally.

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