Sprint Nexus 5 Available Today for $49 and Up
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Sprint Nexus 5 Available Today for $49 and Up



The Nexus 5 is finally starting to arrive for more and more potential customers. We’re now seeing the Nexus 5 available up in Canada, as well as from places like Best Buy and Amazon, and now the US carrier Sprint is also offering the new flagship Nexus device.

Being available on almost all carriers in the US with full 4G LTE support is quite the achievement, even if Verizon still won’t play ball, and Sprint customers will be happy to know the device is available from your carrier as we speak. What’s even better is the potential price customers could be paying. If you switch to Sprint and port over an existing number, you’ll get it for $49, otherwise a price of $149 with a new 2-year contract extension is in order.

Nexus 5 both

Sprint offering users that switch the new flagship smartphone with Android 4.4 KitKat for only $49 is a pretty great deal, but we won’t get started on its actual network services. Sprint doesn’t appear to be offering the device without a contract, but you can get Sprint’s model from Best Buy or Amazon for the ridiculous high price of $449 or $499, which is quite expensive considering the same 16GB option from Google Play is only $349.

As a reminder, you can use the Play Store model on Sprint without a problem, even though some have reported activation issues with the carrier. The same model being offered from retailers will also work across both AT&T and T-Mobile, so that’s not a worry. At this time we’re not sure if Sprint’s own model will be locked down in any way, but the unlocked models won’t have any issues from the Play Store or Amazon.

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The deal is quite enticing, especially considering the current wait time for devices to ship directly from Google and the Play Store are starting to approach the 4-5 week delay mark. So things aren’t looking good if you’d like to get the device this month. This is where buying from Amazon, Best Buy, or Sprint could have its advantage. At this time Sprint does not appear to have any plans to offer the 32GB model, with only the 16GB being supported at the moment.

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