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Sprint Offers $100 Gift Card for New Smartphone Purchase



After having discounted its base iPhone 4S pricing by $50, bringing the contract price of Apple’s flagship down to as little as $149, Sprint is now promoting its other remaining smartphones on the Now Network. The new promotion is in effect now and goes until August 26th and will exclude the iPhone. As part of the deal, Sprint is giving users a $100 American Express gift card for upgrading any Android smartphone, including new flagships–like the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the Samsung Galaxy S III–as well as more budget-friendly free on contract models. The catch is that you do have to sign a two-year service agreement for a new line of service; existing upgrades are not eligible for the gift card offer.

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 9.17.15 PM

You can visit Sprint’s website to see the restrictions and check out the phones. Additionally, with the promotion, Sprint will also waive the activation fee. The offer is only good through Sprint’s online store.

In addition to Android handsets mentioned, users can also select from BlackBerry devices as well as Windows Phone smartphones.

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