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Sprint Says It Could Offer a 4G LTE iPhone



According to a report from The Dow Jones, Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer said that his company would be able to offer up a 4G LTE iPhone should it ever arrive on shelves. Euteneuer did not confirm whether or not Apple had such a device in the works, although its presumed to, only saying that the carrier will be able to launch it because it should have major 4G LTE markets covered by then.

Right now, Sprint has yet to roll out 4G LTE to any markets in the United States.

The carrier is widely expected to unveil its brand new high-speed network during the month of April. Evidence that suggests this includes a fire sale on 4G WiMax devices – Sprint’s old 4G network – over at Amazon, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus contest – the carrier’s first 4G LTE smartphone – that ends in April, and an event with HTC in New York City early next month where the carrier is expected to introduce another 4G LTE smartphone, the HTC Jet.

Sprint Says It Could Offer a 4G LTE iPhone

Sprint expects to launch the service in six cities from the get-go and Euteneuer says that if the next iPhone does indeed launch this fall, Sprint will have all of the major markets in the United States covered for a potential iPhone 4G LTE launch.

Now that Apple has introduced a 4G LTE enabled iPad, the company is widely expected to launch a 4G LTE version of its iconic smartphone to compete with both Android and Windows Phone devices that sport those capabilities.

Right now, all signs point to a launch around the same time as last year’s iPhone 4S release, which means yet another summer without an iPhone launch.

Via: The Verge

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