Sprint Store Thieves Tracked Down by the Technology They Stole
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Sprint Store Thieves Tracked Down by the Technology They Stole



It seems like every day we see dumb criminals caught by mobile security software. A time ago it was a stolen MacBook equipped with an application called Hidden that helped the owner track it down and today, it’s software called GadgetTrak that has helped police capture a couple of dudes that stole from a Sprint retail store.

GadgetTrak’s software was installed on demo devices at the Sprint store in question so when the thieves waltzed in and removed the phones from their cradles, the software was able to track the location of the thieves as they traveled around Vancouver, Washington.

Thief #1

In addition to tracking their movements, the software was able to pull up photos that the thieves took of themselves with the stolen merchandise and it was one of those images that will likely lead to their downfall.

One of the photos captured a temporary permit displayed on the car and an investigative report was able to use the numbers from that photo to track the car to an apartment complex. Apparently, the thieves haven’t been caught yet as the police are still investigating but as their residence and car have been found, it’s probably only a matter of time before they are caught.

Two things to take away from this:

  • If you’re worried about your phone, you might want to think about installing GadgetTrak or similar software.
  • If you’re thinking about robbing a Sprint store, you probably want to rethink that decision.

It’s tough being a criminal these days.

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