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Sprint to Launch 4G LTE Network in Mid-2012



It looks like Sprint will be rolling out a 4G LTE network in 2012 only it’s going to be deployed a little later than we had thought. It was originally believed that the carrier would make its entry into the world of LTE in early 2012, however, Sprint confirmed its plans today saying that it plans to roll out its next-generation network at some point during the middle of next year.

The company also made it clear that it aims to complete its roll out in 2013, the same year that Verizon believes its LTE service will be fully in place.

This is a big step for Sprint as its two main rivals, AT&T and Verizon currently have 4G LTE networks in use. While AT&T only have five cities live with service, Verizon currently has 146 total markets blanketed in it.


In other words, it has quite a bit of catching up to do.

By the end of 2013, Sprint believes its network will cover over 250 million people and it expects to launch a grand total of 15 LTE compatible devices throughout the course of 2012.

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