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Sprint to Reintroduce Mail-In Rebates on July 24th?



We had originally thought that Sprint was going to be putting an end to mail-in rebates all the way back on May 7th. It’s now July 14th and the no mail-in rebate policy is still going strong. However, there is now some physical evidence from SprintFeed that seems to point to July 24th as the definitive end of mail-in rebates at Sprint.

Sprint MIR

As you can see in this document, July 24th is the day that mail-in rebates are expected to make their return. Now, when and if they do decide to show their face again, Sprint’s going to be doing something a little different with them.

If this little flyer is correct, then the carrier plans to eliminate actual checks and will instead be sending the rebates out to customers in the form of a American Express Prepaid Reward Card with the rebate amount on board. And no, you won’t get the card over night. It’s going to take a total of eight weeks for Sprint to get you your rebate which is just another reason why the return of this policy should be dreaded.

So, if you’re the forgetful type, you might want to think about snagging a device sooner rather than later. And there will be no excuses. You have now have notice 10 days in advance.

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