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SSD Manufacturers Responds To Lackluster Performance; Apple Drops SSD MBA Pricing



As Rob pointed out on Monday, Tom’s Hardware did a head-to-head comparison between a traditional 7200rpm HDD and several SSD’s and found that the SSD’s depleted battery life up to one hour faster than the (once thought to be) power-draining HDD. C-net spoke with Intel Fellow and Director of Storage Architecture Knut Grimsrud  and STEC’s Patrick Wilkison, both of whom suggest that the current generation SSD’s are subpar. The article went on to say, “Data used in the Tom’s Hardware piece applies to the current first-generation mass-market SSDs but not necessarily to upcoming drives, said Patrick Wilkison, vice president of marketing and business development at STEC. ‘They are using legacy drives, none of which will be used by any major PC OEM,’ Wilkison said in an e-mail.”

In related news, Apple today dropped the price of SSD-equipped MacBook Airs. For those of you keeping track, that’s $500 total in savings.

So how many of you have made the SSD leap? Why or why not? What are your real world experiences with the current crop of SSD’s? Does Tom’s Hardware’s revelatory test hold water?

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