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Staad Backpack from WaterField Designs Review



The Staad Backpack from WaterField Designs looks great and feels comfortable while wearing it, even with a load stored inside. The style of this computer backpack reminds one of something worn by an old west courier during the 1800s frontier days. The bag offers a lot of room and comes in two sizes. WaterField Designs created the Slim for computers up to a 13 inches plus a tablet or the Stout for machines up to 15 inches plus a tablet.

There’s a comprehensive review of this computer bag over at where readers can get more details. We wanted to share it here since it provides an excellent, high-quality, premium bag that mobile users will likely want to consider when purchasing a bag to carrier both a laptop and a tablet. In addition to the thirteen or fifteen inch computer, the bag protects and holds a tablet up to ten inches plus a lot of accessories, personal items and some books, magazines or files.

staad backpack

Here’s the video review we made of the Staad Backpack.

The backpack comes with comfortable straps and some padding on the back to protect the computer, which sits on the other side of the back panel. People who sling a backpack over one shoulder or who wear them traditionally over both will find the Staad Backpack comfortable to wear.


WaterField Designs makes the two sizes we mentioned above, the Slim and Stout. These cost more than most computer backpacks, but we think the attractive and durable materials and excellent craftsmanship makes them worth the price at $319 for the Slim and $10 more for the Stout.

staad backpack inside

Two inside accessory pockets include velcro fasteners. They fit things like a mouse, a small computer or tablet charger or other things about the size of a deck of cards. A pair of outside pockets zip up diagonally and fit slightly larger items or a bunch of small accessories or personal items.

staad backpack side pocket

WaterField Designs crafted a great bag in the Staad Backpack. It’s one of the best computer bags we’ve tested. Despite the higher price, we recommend it without any reservations.



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