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Star Fox for Wii U is on Its Way



Nintendo is about to pull out one of the biggest cult hits of all to bolster sales for the Wii U: Star Fox.

A new story filed earlier this week and mistakenly posted by Time just before Nintendo’s video press conference reveals the full story behind Star Fox for Wii U.

Instead of using the directional pad and joystick as anyone who played the original title for the Nintendo 64 would recognize, Nintendo has gone back to the drawing board and added in motion controls. Players will use motion controls to target and blast enemies out of the sky while controlling Star Fox’s advanced flyer with a joystick just like they’ve done in previous titles. Barrel rolls and loops are back as well as the ability to morph Star Fox’s fighter into a tank to take down enemy forces. Joining that tank configuration will be a helicopter mode that two players can operate.

Wii U

Apparently, Nintendo didn’t just start work on this title. Instead, it’s actually made up of assets from when Nintendo was considering bringing Star Fox to the Wii U, according to Time’s interview with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto. What the company was working on never made it to the Wii so it decided to go back to the drawing board with the concepts for the Wii U.

Understandably, users are going to be very excited at the idea of playing as Star Fox again. Star Fox 64 and the Nintendo 64 turned an entire generation of kids into Nintendo gamers, so much so that everyone was disappointed when Nintendo failed to deliver a meaningful sequel on the Wii. If Nintendo can release a decent Star Fox game it could finally move Wii U sales in a more promising direction.

How game consoles become successfully isn’t really the world’s best kept secret. Console makers make exclusive titles to entice users over to its console and build momentum, the more hit exclusive titles, the more chances a console has at becoming successful. Any hardware maker can find exclusive games, but it’s always the cult hits that draw the biggest numbers.

Of course, that Nintendo can deliver compelling Star Fox gameplay on the Wii U isn’t necessarily a given. The Wii U relies on users taking advantage of the Gamepad, a rather bulky and heavy controller with a resistive touchscreen. Many Wii U games require users to carefully pay attention to what’s going on their screen and what’s happening on their television. Sometimes, it can get confusing as even this Time article notes.

According to this report Star Fox for Wii U could be a month or so off. As such, it’s not necessarily a good idea to run out and pick up a Wii U console just for this game. That being said, there are dozens of other reasons to pick up the Wii U. Today the company showed off customizable Wii U Mii avatars for Super Smash Bros. Additionally, more big name Wii titles like Mario Kart 8 are slowly trickling out. To be clear, it’s still not an idea to pick up the Wii U as your only next-gen console since it lacks third-party support. That being said it isn’t a bad second console to have – especially if Nintendo continues delivering fan favorites like Star Fox.

It’s likely that Nintendo will formally reveal Star Fox along with other titles at its digital event later today.

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1 Comment

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