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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Release Date & Details Arrive



We’re finally learning everything we need to know about the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. This information includes the Star Wars Battlefront Beta release date and what content from the first-person shooter and combat game will be available when that release date arrives.

Publisher Electronic Arts revealed all the relevant Star Wars Battlefront Beta details this morning, hours after Microsoft confirmed that subscribers to EA Access would get access to the game on November 12th. The Star Wars Battlefront Beta will begin for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC owners on October 8th, according to a blog post on the Star Wars Battlefront blog. The beta test will conclude on October 12th.

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We already knew that the Star Wars Battlefront Beta would be completely free for all platforms. That’s big in itself. Many game publishers are choosing to tie beta access of their games to pre-orders to build sales volume. Star Wars Battlefront is a massive battle simulation with vehicles and weapons taken directly from the Star Wars universe. The game will have a 20 person multiplayer experience, though there’ll be a dedicated single player experience too, according to developer Dice.

Content-wise the test seems to be rather robust. The Star Wars Battlefront Beta will have three different planets available for players along with a specific game type for each. Hoth will play host to Walker Assault. In that mode The Empire and the Rebellion fight to crush each other while use giant robots and every weapon they can muster. Sullust forces teams of 8 players to fight for possession of escape pods with its Drop Zone mission. Lastly, there’s Survival Mission on Anakin Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine. That planet will let players battle waves of enemy forces on their own or with another player.

During the entire time the beta is running, Dice and Electronic Arts plan to open-up the Star Wars Battlefront Companion. The companion includes a card game that’ll help finance purchases in Battlefront and provides a deep look at statistics and character progression. This companion app will only be available for iPhone, iPad and Android users.

Because it’s free, there’s no registration required to participate in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. Each version of the game will be available directly through the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store and Origin for download at no charge. Players can expect the beta to take roughly 7GB of storage on the Xbox One and PS4. Windows PC players can expect an 11GB download on release day.

EA is being smart about managing the load on its servers on release day. It’ll open up pre-loading on October 7th, spreading out the hefty download over time. This is very important, as some users end up spending a healthy portion of betas just download the test copy of the game.

EA is also being very up-front about users losing their progress and being held back. Players will only advance to level 5 during the Star Wars Battlefront beta. After that, they’ll stop cold. When the beta ends any progress, weapons or experience that players have earned will disappear. That makes sense as this beta is only meant to test the game’s back-end systems and matchmaking before its real release date arrives.

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There’s a complete FAQ available here.

Star Wars Battlefront could be the biggest video game launch we see on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this year. Older versions of the game proved very popular and it sets the stage for this December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie release.

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