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Starbucks iPhone App Updates with Digital Tipping and Shake-to-Pay



Starbucks has updated its archaic iPhone app to version 3.0 with a fresh new coat of paint and some new features that many coffee lovers might enjoy. The app received an iOS 7 redesign, featuring not only a flatter and simpler look, but also a new navigation scheme that makes it easier to get around.

However, some of the interesting new features include a new digital tipping feature and “Shake-to-Pay.” Digital tipping was teased a few days ago and now it’s finally available to Starbuck goers. Instead of hassling with your wallet and dropping in a couple of dollars into the tip jar, you can now send a tip directly from the Starbucks iPhone app, even as late as two hours after your purchase.

Starbucks iPhone app updated with new features

How it works is that after you purchase something using the app, details of the transaction will appear on your screen, from where you can leave a pre-determined tip, or no tip at all (would you ever be so mean?).

The Shake-to-Pay features is pretty nifty as well, although it’s not as literal as it may sound. Simply shaking your iPhone will bring up the barcode to pay at the register. You might look kind of silly doing so, but if it’s easier than tapping a few buttons, we don’t blame you.

The app also buckles down on encrypting your personal information, as it was confirmed back in January that Starbucks left sensitive app information out in the open. Details weren’t given as to how the updated app protects user information, but Starbucks’ chief information officer, Curt Garner, says that the updated app “adds extra layers of protection.”

Other features of the new app include the ability to share Rewards milestones to Facebook and Twitter, as well as view your entire account history, including purchases made, Stars earned and rewards redeemed.

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