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Stars Wars Battlefront To Come Early to Xbox One



Sony’s PS4 video game console may be the one getting all of the Star Wars Battlefront promotional attention, but it’s Microsoft Xbox One entertainment console that’ll offer an early Star Wars Battlefront release.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed to his followers that Xbox One owners would get an exclusive early look at Star Wars Battlefront recently on Twitter. Xbox One and Microsoft owe the exclusive early Star Wars Battlefront release to EA Access, the subscription gaming service that Electronic Arts launched last year, this week.


Star Wars Battlefront is set to launch on November 15th.

“Yes you can play SW: Battlefront first on Xbox One, exclusively with EA Access.” Spencer said when asked about whether the game was coming to the service. It’s likely that the users felt it was worth asking because Sony and Electronic Arts seem to have a promotional deal that puts the PS4 version in the spotlight at all times. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo Star Wars Battlefront was only playable at Sony’s booth. Every Star Wars Battlefront trailer we’ve seen includes only a PS4 logo. Sony even posts about Star Wars Battlefront on its PlayStation Blog.

A lot of this has left some gamers with the idea that Star Wars Battlefront isn’t coming to the Xbox One at all, which is very bad for Microsoft.

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EA Access lets users play games days before release for 10 hours. Once the 10 hours have expired users can purchase a digital copy for $10 off its regular price or purchase a physical copy. Either way, they can continue where they started off, game saves come with them when they get their final copy.

Forget all of those yearly releases set to debut in the fall, Star Wars Battlefront could make waves when it launches. Star Wars Battlefront drops players in a expansive world and lets them use some of the most iconic ships, weapons and gear in pop culture today. Everything from the AT-AT Walker to Darth Vader is included. In the game players recreate the iconic battles of the Star Wars franchise. A huge focus of Star Wars Battlefront is this expansive multiplayer experience. Just being able to play as some of the series most popular heroes and villains is enough to get many excited.

With a new Star Wars movie coming in December Star Wars Battlefront could and should be an unstoppable juggernaut. Some users are going to pick up the PS4 to play Star Wars Battlefront. If Sony bundles the game with a console like it did with Batman Arkham Knight the results could be devastating to Xbox One sales this holiday season. According to NPD Research, the Xbox One was the second best-selling living room console in June because of the launch of Batman Arkham Knight. At the top of those sales charts was the PS4.

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Microsoft is able to claim exclusivity on the early Star Wars Battlefront release because EA Access isn’t available anywhere but it’s Xbox One. Sony said last year that it turned down EA Access because it felt it didn’t bring enough value to its customers. It’s more likely that the company didn’t want the digital downloads that EA Access subscribers pay just $4.99 a month for competing with its own PlayStation Now gaming rental service.

Star Wars Battlefront physical pre-orders are already available at GameStop. Besides the Xbox One and PS4, the game is also coming to PCs running Microsoft’s Windows platform.  Unfortunately for those trying to save some cash, Star Wars Battlefront won’t be coming to last generation video game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3. You’ll need to upgrade to experience the game this holiday.


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1 Comment

  1. MercuneoTheWizz

    09/12/2015 at 8:10 am

    well the have to give something to the poor bastards that spent their money on another xbox lol

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